Welcome to Grandview!

Welcome to Grandview Baptist Church in Maryville, Tennessee. We want you to feel at home! You will be greeted by members and church staff who will extend their hands in Christian fellowship. We invite you to worship with us and experience the blessings of our Lord’s goodness and love.


Worship Reopening



Special Note from Pastor Chris

Greetings Church Family,                                                                               

   It has been several weeks since we last gathered physically as a church family in our brick and mortar building. Like you we are excited about the prospects of our gathering physically again for worship together as soon as it is safely possible.

   We were in hopes that from our governor’s latest press conference, conference calls with our local association of pastors, and a video conference with the TBMB that we might be at a point of setting a projected date to regather (not return because the church has never left). But the simple fact is we are just not there yet. For now, we will need to continue to utilize online Sunday School Lessons, Sunday Morning Worship services, and mid-week devotions.

   One thing is for certain the world in front of us, looks much different than the world behind us. We have never been where we are at this moment, and there are no experts to consult who have experienced what we have. There are, however, several great resources that have been made available through the SBC and through the TBMB. And our Church leadership is currently utilizing these resources to outline what our precautionary measures will look like as we draw nearer to the day we regather.

   Understanding that our SBC churches are in a variety of sizes and demographics; metropolitan, suburban, and rural. And that as SBC churches we all operate under autonomy (self-govern). Based on each church’s individual characteristics we are going to begin to see at some point a variety of regathering scenarios or phases. We share this so that you can be confident that based on our church characteristics we are seeking God’s guidance and will employ the best possible regathering precautions and share them with you in advance of our regathering so that you will be well informed as that time draws nearer.

   Our TBMB President Randy Davis shared a great Biblical illustration for us and where we find ourselves today as a church family. It came through a man in the Bible named, Shamgar. The entire story takes place in just one verse. It is found in the Book of Judges 3.31 where we read this, Shamgar killed 600 Philistines with an ox goad. “And he also delivered Israel.”  Now Shamgar was the third judge of Israel and an “ox goad” is a pointed stick used for moving cattle. How in the world can this verse relate to our current situation? Well, it is very relative if we will employ four traits that Shamgar employed. First, like Shamgar we must put our trust in God, second, we must go forward from where we are, thirdly, we must know who we are, and fourthly, we go forward with what we have.

   We want to encourage you to continue to stay in contact with one another; calls, emails, cards, text, and video chats, etc. Lastly, yet importantly we would like to praise you on your level of faithfulness through your tithing and offerings, you are a shining example to others. If we can do anything to help you, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Through the love of Christ, 

Pastor Chris




Date: To Be Determined – Look  for an exciting and fun filled week of  CONCRETE & CRANES VBS at Grandview Baptist Church. Grab your hard hats and tool belts to explore a world of concrete and cranes, bulldozers, backhoes, rivets and rebar! Kids will discover the buildings and skyscrapers are not the only things that need a solid foundation. Kids will learn that a rock-solid foundation in Jesus Christ is needed to build our faith, uncover truths that He who began a good work will  be faithful to carry it on to completion. Don’t forget we will have Bible stories, games, great food and fun while learning about Concrete & Cranes!

Theme Verse: “I am sure of this, that He who started a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6 (CSB)

Motto:  Jesus! Our strong foundation!

Daily Content:

Day 1: Foundation of Love—Matthew 9:9-13
Day 2: Foundation of Forgiveness—Acts 26:1-29
Day 3: Foundation of Worth—Matthew 26:36-46
Day 4: Foundation of Promise—Matthew 28:1-10,16-20
Day 5: Foundation for Life—Matthew 7:24-29

Rotation Sites:

High Steel Worship Rally
Blueprint Bible Study
Jackhammer Music
Bulldozer Crafts
Wrecking Ball Rec
Food Truck Snacks